we are experts in compliance

We offer a range of services in compliance:

  • Risk Management
  • Health Checks


risk management

Businesses face risk every day. In fact, every one of us does in everything that we do. Many businesses might be aware of their risks but don't use a formal risk management approach.

This means there is a chance that risks could be overlooked or insufficiently controlled. SEC brings a very practical approach to building a risk management system. We address a range of risks including finance, safety, service, staff and more. But do this in a way that keeps it simple and manageable.

The risk register is fundamental and can be monitored with regular risk reports. Businesses that are undergoing change, those seeking to grow and those that have some level of complexity should all have formal risk management procedures. 

Contact us to find out how it can be done effectively for your business. 


health checks

Does your business meet industry best practice standards? Is your business meeting its legal obligations?

Our world changes quickly - new issues, legislation, new technologies and threats are emerging continually. The SEC Health Check has been designed to give you a quick assessment on how well you are complying with legislation and best practice. 

The Health Check can take a half to a full day depending on the topic and the detail. You can hose from a range of topics including:

  • Recruitment best practice
  • Safety management
  • Quality systems 
  • Privacy management
  • Employee right to work status 
  • Employment practices

You will receive a written report of findings which outlines your health in the chosen topic(s) and any suggestions for improvement.