Labour Hire Licensing deadlines are fast approaching. It's important to get your applications in on time and to get them right. Issues or mistakes in your application can delay the process and leave you without a licence and unable to operate in that state.

Licensing applications take time and a careful eye for detail. With a strong background in compliance and business health checks, we provide the ideal solution to ensure you submit in time and with the right information.

There are already examples of Labour Hire Licenses being withdrawn after it has been found that the license application contains statements that have subsequently been proven incorrect, or that the business has failed to meet its compliance obligations.  You do not want to be in this situation.

We can help you meet compliance requirements, including correct business registrations, help you prepare and submit your Labour Hire Licensing Applications, and help you establish mechanisms for reporting as required under legislation.

APSCo Australia have put together the Labour Hire Licensing Program to support Members as licensing deadlines approach. While the program is available to APSCo Australia members with discounted rates, the program is available to every recruitment agency seeking assistance with their Labour Hire Licensing Applications. 

How it works

Stage 1.png

Stage 1 is the Business Verification Review (BVR) which Certex International conducts on behalf of ASPCo Australia and is NO COST to APSCo Members.  This is a one-hour telephone interview to check the basic requirements for a labour hire/recruitment agency are in place, such as privacy, safety, insurances and business name registration.  Additional documents, the Directors Declaration and Financial Declarations, must also be completed, which is to check status as fit and proper persons and financial viability.  The BVR Reports can be used as supporting evidence in the application for a Labour Hire License.

Stage 2 is a Risk Assessment - either a review of documented policies and procedures, and/or an assessment of the records generated through normal business operations that would provide evidence that the business is doing what is says it will do, and that it has all the elements in place to respond to the questions on a Labour Hire Licence application (no matter the jurisdiction).

Stage 3 is License Application Support.  This is a consulting service that will support you in completing the application, ensuring all details are presented accurately and that the required evidence is available for submission if required. This service could include preparing all the necessary materials, or checking what you have prepared. This also includes any follow up support if your licence application hits a hurdle.

Labour Hire License Preparation Process

There are three steps in the program and you can opt in at any level (apart from the Business Verification – which is a pre-requisite for all APSCo Members).
APSCo Members receive a 50% discount on quoted fees and all fees quoted exclude GST.



If you're not already an APSCo Australia member and would like the discount, contact the Association directly for membership information.