We will build a management system that works for you


SEC help build efficient management systems customised to your operations and the targets you aim to achieve.  Our experts will work with your systems from the ground up, starting with what you already have in place and working with your team to build an approach that works for your business.

We specialise in quality, safety, privacy and compliance, particularly in relation to the engagement of employees and contractors.  

SEC consultants are industry experts and professionals across many fields.   Our skills include business management, safety management, recruitment, auditing, immigration, business governance and risk management.   

We are based in Melbourne and have consultants located around Australia and New Zealand.



We specialise in WHS systems in service business and where there is a shared duty of care across mutiple PCBUs. Services include the iSafe Risk Management Program and WHS consulting.


The laws are changing and compliance is more important than ever. Are you prepared; do you have the right controls over personal information; can you manage potential breaches?


Transitioning to 9001:2015 is due in September 2018. Are you ready yet? Do you need assistance to define your processes? Will your audit techniques make the cut?


Engaging employees and independent contractors can be fraught with legal potholes. The penalties for non-compliance can be devastating to a business.  

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