The iSafe Risk Management Program is an industry leading program. It supports the belief that "everyone has a right to a safe work environment" and tackles the tricky problem of shared duty of care across mutiple PCBUs.
The program undertakes health and safety assessments at host client sites where workers have been placed under a contract with another party such as a recruitment agency, on-hire or contracting company.   
The agency placing the workers receives a comprehensive report on the health and safety systems and work site of the host client, giving them information they need to monitor the safety of their workers.  The host client also receives the report including recommendations for change, which in many cases is the first independent assessment of their safety systems. 
iSafe assessments can demonstrate co-operation and communication between PCBU's with a shared duty of care.  This is not a WorkSafe program – it is industry driven in order to ensure all WHS assessments required by third party providers are conducted and managed to the same quality level. 

Benefits to both the agency and the host client/s include:

  • Independent reporting by qualified safety professionals
  • Single visit to the Host Client – instead of each Recruiter meeting with the Host Client to conduct their own safety checks separately, only one visit is required and the report may be shared with other participants in the iSafe Program.
  • Local Assessors – iSafe Assessors are located in New Zealand as well most Australian states.
  • Consistency in approach – iSafe Assessors are trained in the requirements of the Program to ensure consistency across assessments and across multiple sites for national organisations.  
  • Competency checking – the performance of iSafe Assessors is carefully monitored, including regular onsite witness audits by iSafe managers and review of feedback.
  • Quality checking – all reports are independently reviewed and approved before release.
  • No cost to the Host Clients – you receive a valuable independent safety assessment for free.
  • Scheduled visits –site visits are scheduled for once every 2 years, except where a higher risk has been assessed in which case visits will be in 6 or 12 months.
  • Co-operation - Records of co-operating to assess and manage safety are held by all PCBUs.