How the iSafe Program is helping you get a Labour Hire License

As of this month, the Queensland Government is accepting participation in the iSafe Program as supporting documentation for Labour Hire License applications. This is one way that we are assisting the industry to achieve their labour hire licenses.  Participation in the iSafe Risk Management Program demonstrates commitment to work health and safety which is an important requirement of an on-hire license.  
In the last weeks we have been sending out certificates of participation to our subscriber and licensed iSafe members. Thank you for your contribution to the Program!  As a reminder, QLD license applications need to be submitted within 60 days of the 16th April. South Australian labour hire agencies are required to have obtained a license by September 1st 2018.  

Labour Hire Licensing – Free Live Q&A Broadcast


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Are you ready for Labour Hire Licensing? Our MD, Dianne Gibert, will be hosting a Free Live Q&A Broadcast all about Labour Hire Licensing. Get your questions ready to join the interactive YouTube Live session! 
To ensure your questions are answered on the day, submit your queries in advance on our website:

Follow this link on 10th May at 10am to tune into the broadcast:

World Earth Day! 

As we focus on workplace health and safety, it’s important to be mindful of the environment. The iSafe approach to risk management uses 3 Concentric Circles of Risk. The outer circle is the external environment and our focus in this circle is: to what extent can we reduce risk? 
While many of us don’t consider environmental management a part of WHS, it has a roundabout way of being a key part of managing long term hazards. The better care we take of the environment, the fewer hazards will be present to reduce in future to keep our workers safe.  
The latest OHS Standard (OHSAS 45001: 2018) demonstrates this as it increases awareness and harmonization with ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems Standards.  
On this Earth Day, let’s take a moment to reflect what small acts we can take to reduce our impact on the environment and be more mindful of our futures.  
Click the link below to find out more about this year’s Earth Day Campaign: End Plastic Pollution.